Angels of Newtown

Last week there was no single eye that remained dry after the horrendous tragedy that occurred in the quiet small town of Newtown – Connecticut.

20 small children from the age of six and 6 exceptional adults who taught at the local school were slaughtered during an act of madness perpetrated by a young man called Adam  Lanza.


The tragedy caused a commotion all around the globe. How such a thing could happen? Everyone asked. How can it be that a quiet young man with no criminal record could erupt into the school and shoot to death 26 children and teachers using an automatic weapon that pertained to his mother?

Everyone tried to understand, in a place where no consolation could ease the pain.


But there is one explanation, one that might be difficult to grasp, to accept or even to consider. But it is there, and it might be the only explanation that can be given where all the other reasoning failed. It is a thought that comes from the spiritual realm:


The world is rapidly changing. The energy is evolving and acts that infringed the universal laws of compassion, love, and harmony are not being accepted as before. The laws of Karma are acting now rapidly than ever. Negative acts that could be perpetrated in this life and responded in the next life or the next, are being responded in a much shorter period.

The universal laws of "you harvest what you seed" and "you get what you give" are being executed very close to the act itself.

More and more people are changing. More and more people want change. They want to see a more just world, a world with more love and less hatred, and a world that is being lead by true leaders and no despots, and they want to see it now.


The problem is that many others prefer to stay in their comfort zone. A dangerous, but known area, were weapons are accessible to anyone that can pay for them, where the strongest prevail and weakest die, where there is this perception that the world is a scarce place where only a few can eat, be prosperous and fulfill their dreams, while the rest  "must" stay poor, and be content only with the leftovers.


In a situation like this the comfort zone must be shaken. Something extreme needs to happen to make people understand that a change is required.

In this era of awakening, messengers are being sent to help make the desirable shift.

And those messengers are what we perceive as innocent victims of a ruthless massacre.

The angels that died in Newtown, those indigo children, volunteered as souls, before they were born, to be part of this awakening process. They made a conscious decision to end their life in these tragic circumstances and to sacrifice their lives for the higher good. For the good of the human kind.

But they needed a partner for the plan. Someone that will make it happen. Adam Lanza volunteered with them, to be the one to pull the trigger. He volunteered to do the kill knowing he will be condemned and cursed maybe for eternity or until we understand what was the real purpose of this unexplainable act.

The time is right for a change. America has a president that is a messenger himself. Who has a mission to make a difference and to bring consolation and strive for peace and prosperity. But a tragedy of this magnitude was needed to get the required legitimacy among those who preferred to stay in the comfort zone, to enable the president to make the change.


This is a time for reflection, acceptance, compassion and love.

This is the time to start moving the stones that will build the new humanity.


And this is the word, enough has been said.

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