It takes more than a formal position to become a leader.

Being a leader means to be able to motivate others to achieve objectives that they wouldn't pursue otherwise.
It means fighting for the right cause, considering yourself, others, and the environment in which you operate.
It means being emotional intelligent and being able to negotiate a win win solution, to make presentations in a way that can reach anyone and anywhere. It means the ability to manage the people, the work and the time in a harmonic way towards a common cause.

Are we born to be leaders?

People sometimes ask if one is born to be a leader or is it something that can be acquired later on in life?
Both answers are right.

You need to be born with the basic elements that comprise who a leader is. Like the passion to make a difference, like the urge to motivate others and achieve higher objectives.

Even with the right genes, you still need to put effort to learn, practice and experiment all the aspects of being a true leader.

Who am I
Leonardo Daniel Abeles has 20 years of experience managing people and complex projects. He has been accredited with the most known international certifications in the fields of Project Management, Coaching, NLP and emotional intelligence, Body Language, and Chirology Consultant.

Leonardo Daniel has international experience working in Israel, Spain , Holland, managing teams from all around the globe and coaching managers and private persons to become the leaders they were meant to be.

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How can we help you?
We can transform you into a leader in your private and business life.

If you want to:

Improve your Project management knowledge and skills
Reduce stress
Manage better your time
Know how to resolve conflicts in a positive way
Know how to motivate yourself and your teams.
How to give effective presentations and run effective meetings.
How to improve your management and communication styles.

Improve Your Leadership Skills and become a true Karmic Manager.

If you feel you would like to become better in one of those fields, if you see the opportunity to be the best you can be, if it sounds like the thing you were waiting for.

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